How to Fix & Flip Homes

TLDR: This blog discusses the potential for flipping homes for profit and provides tips for those interested in this investment opportunity. The importance of a remodel budget, working with a contractor, finding the right area with a strong market, and updating the living spaces and bathrooms are highlighted.

contractor working on a home renovation

We have all seen (even if just for a second) the TV shows that specialize in flipping homes for profit – or creating your own dream home. These shows highlight the extreme potential in a home with a great “shell” that just needs to be brought back to life. If you are interested in working on a flip property with me – read further and give me a call. I love giving a home a second chance and helping you determine what is best for you.

One of the most important aspects of a flip home is figuring out your remodel budget and your ideal purchase price. Having a firm grasp of your budget – anticipating anything that may occur during the remodel is extremely important. I have a network of amazing industry partners who could be of extreme importance and help you as you work to finetune these numbers.

The next step is working with me and a contractor who can help you find a home that is not only where you want to invest or live but also has the structural integrity to prevent potential unforeseen costs. Some older homes are notorious for hidden problems that are not visible to the eye but could be spotted with the help of a licensed professional and someone with knowledge of the market in that area.

I have bulleted some quick points to consider when beginning the process of a flip property, feel free to text me for further explanation or interest in working on a flip of your own.

  • If you are flipping for an investment opportunity, finding the right area with a strong market is incredibly important. I have a list of areas that I follow that I know can and will turn a profit when you go to sell upon completing the flip.
  • If you are looking for a flip property to turn into your primary home I would love to canvas some older charming communities that would be the perfect place for you to take on the project of making a house your home.
  • Some common ideas to consider when flipping homes is opening up the living, dining, and kitchen space. Homes that are now ready to be “flipped” are all rather choppy – with clear walls and defined spaces. Opening up those spaces will immediately give you more of a modern look and feel.
  • Updating the bathrooms is an easy way to add value and modernize the home. Swapping tile, hardware (knobs, handles, sink faucet, and picking a new mirror can easily make a home feel brand new.

Regardless of why you are flipping a property, I have years of experience that can help you determine when, where, and what needs to be done to give the home you pick a new life.