An Explainer on What Listing Agents Do

TLDR: This blog emphasizes the value of consulting with a real estate agent when listing a property, as they can provide valuable assistance with pricing, preparing the property for sale, and marketing it through multiple listing services. The author argues that working with an agent can result in a more profitable and enjoyable experience compared to trying to sell the property oneself.

A real estate agent and homeowner discussing the process of listing a home and going over pricing and marketing strategies.

Real Estate can be complicated. When you are looking to list, it’s valuable to consult with a REALTOR who can assist and advise you on next steps, showings, offers, contracts, and getting the most value for your home. While there are many things that can be “DIY”, there are some things that require an experienced hand – your investment and your properties deserve being managed by a professional. When you list with an agent compared to listing yourself, you could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

As your listing agent I am able to not only advise you on pricing based on the recent or upcoming sales in your area, but I can also help you make sure your home is list ready. Ensuring that professional pictures are taken, your home is softly staged, and we have discussed all of our potential options – such as gardening, re-painting, minimalizing, and  anticipating the potential wants of a buyer. All of these “pre chats” will make the showings, the negotiations, and the closing much easier.

Homes sell quickly, and for the most return on investment,  if they are marketed on the REALTOR multiple listing services where they have the best chance of being seen by another prospective party. As your listing agent I can ensure your home is on the MLS, but is also seen by my network of industry professionals, my team, and my worldwide following ensuring a successful sale.

While selling your home yourself may be appealing or appear to be “easy” – let’s work together so I can make sure that your experience is as seamless, enjoyable, and as profitable as possible.