Home Renovations That Offer the Best ROI for Resale

TLDR: Small updates such as updating the kitchen, repainting, changing hardware on doors or cabinets, and adding greenery outside can spruce up a house before listing it for sale. Neutral paint colors, mixed metal finishes, and beautiful landscaping can make a big difference and increase the return on investment for the homeowner.

Are you looking to “spruce” up your house before you list it? Some small updates may be all that’s needed. Touching up your kitchen space, re-painting, upgrading mirrors, swapping out the hardware on doors or cabinets, and finally adding some life to your green spaces outside.

Kitchens are commonly referred to as the heart of the home. Updating, modernizing, and minimizing could make the difference between a full-price offer and one that is asking for concessions at the closing table. Touches such as updating the lighting fixtures above the island, changing the handles on your cabinets, and removing any personal touches can make all the difference. Creating a strong outline for a new owner to “fill in the blanks” to make the house their own.

A fresh coat of paint (after decluttering the walls) can truly make a house look and feel completely brand new. Take a drive to your local paint store and find a neutral color for all of your walls. If you don’t want to paint every room, consider looking for the ones that have the most markings on the walls, or the rooms that need a more neutral color such as a bedroom or bathroom. See my blog post about neutral paint colors for more information.

As we have all seen – styles change rather quickly in terms of design and public opinion. Chances are, when you bought your home – you didn’t swap the hardware to the most up-to-date or “trending” styles to prep for potential re-sale. No need to fear – finding the best and most desired hardware has never been easier. Something as simple as mixed metal finishes can simply do the trick. Don’t forget the exterior hardware, a new front door handle can easily welcome the next homeowner before they even step foot into the property.

Have you ever driven by a house that had everything but the landscaping wasn’t giving it the “wow” effect? Chances are, your house could use some life planted back into it. Nothing makes a home feel homier than beautiful green grass, manicured flower beds, and potted plants leading to the front door. Deep greens, browns, and bright “pops” of color transform a structure into a home.

Are you looking for more details on how to do some of this do it yourself projects before you list? Give me a call and I would be happy to advise you on what projects to start to ensure the best ROI for your home.